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Multiple Portal Publisher for Venture Capital

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The best way to internet publishing... with one click!

Multiple Portal Publisher is a software platform for building very sophisticated software solutions within days and weeks rather than months and years. It provides constantly expanding set of features to help start-ups and entrepreneurs save their time and money (as much as their VC’s money) to build and publish proof-of-concept of their ideas in a very short time.

With MPP new custom business logic can be applied by the modules and plugins system as easily as custom design based on HTML5 solutions.

Multiple Portal Publisher is also Software as a Service (SaaS) content publisher which helps you to save your time and money by publishing your content to many channels such as web pages and portals, dedicated mobile apps, newsletters and social media with just one click. For each selected portal custom business logic and design can be applied to help you make your content more appealing and more interesting to your followers.

Example Applications 
by Success Stories

Reader Offers Portal - one of the biggest in the UK integrators of travel offers. MPP was used to provide integration between the marketing agency, about 20 largest UK and Ireland travel operators and biggest printing house to provide customised offers for readers of The Independent, Belfast Telegraph, The Lady and several others as much as to the listeners of ClassicFM radio station. 

Vine Lettings - UK Kent area property letting and trading operator. MPP was used as a base platform for management and publishing as well as for integration with geospatial features provided by Google API. Based on spatial features and customer location cut-to-measure notifications and offers selections were provided to the subscribers.

Stand-alone Slot Machines - online casino stand alone terminals for on-site gambling. MPP was used as an integrated management system for game providers, payment providers and on-site managers. Additional plugins for supporting Paylink modules were provided as much as web-browsers plugins integrating electronic devices with the online system.

Market Impact

Start-ups - Multiple Portal Publisher provides perfect set of features to be used as a tool supporting start-ups and entrepreneurs in their mission of delivering game-changing services and products to the market. Easily customisable business logic and still growing set of features helps to focus on business-specific task letting MPP to take care of all the other more obvious but still very expected features.

Venture Capital - Multiple Portal Publisher is a tool supporting VCs in their investment process by significantly reducing time-to-market factor of supported projects to weeks rather than months and years. In a race to reach the market with ground-breaking solution MPP can be a great vehicle for each and every innovative project. As a result it significantly reduces the financial risk of the investment.

Cut-to-Measure - Multiple Portal Publisher is being used as the base framework for building complicated cut-to-measure systems and solutions. It’s huge flexibility and constantly growing set of features allows to develop business solutions in very short time reducing costs and risk of   long-term business change. Money saved can be used for marketing and sales rather than for solving technical issues.