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Web Templates

HTML5 based templates for simple web pages and complex web portals.

What’s the biggest challenge while creating your web portal? How to make Marketing Department and Sales Department accept the same graphics design? And what about Software Developers and the Board of Directors? Take it easy.

Let all of them chose from thousands of HTML5 templates. Buy one from your favourite agency. Download another for free. Ask your graphics designers to prepare a few more. And then finally put the chosen template into Multiple Portal Publisher. 

No special template tags. No source code injections. No strict template rules. All your web pages will look and feel like pure HTML.

And what about refreshing old pages with new graphics design? It’s easy. Your data model will stay the same and all that will change is just the skin. No need to re-create your software plugins. No need for data migration. No need to train your staff with “slightly different” business rules. No more looking for “this guy who made it two years ago”. 

Simply take the HTML5 template you like most and make it display your data in no time within the Multiple Portal Publisher's admin panel you are well used to.