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Fully customisable and/or predefined reports for each publication channel.

Is your publishing channel successful? Are all your publications perfect or maybe you want them to do just a little bit better? Are they bringing enough attention to your web page? And what about monetisation? Which parameters should you measure? How can you know it all with just a glance? Multiple Portlal Publisher has appropriate tools to give you the most accurate answers to all this questions.

Our dashboard will give you the complete information about number of your registered customers, visitors, newsletters, best products and pages as well as geolocation of your users and sources of your traffic. You will know with just a glance if your web page loads as fast as it always was (still remember this one huge picture which destroyed it couple of weeks ago?), if your customers are using desktop or mobile devices and how many of them did not find your page attractive and have left immediately (what a shame…).

Our reporting module will give you even more answers than you might ever need with data collected not only from your own web portal, but also from Google Analytics, Facebook and other third party sources. This knowledge will make you the online marketing specialist in no time.

Let us connect all the data sources for you and display the results in an elegant and efficient way. The more data you will collect with Multiple Portal Publisher the more accurate answers to all this crucial sales and marketing questions you will receive.