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Publish to all your social media with just one click!

Do you know how much time and money you loose to copy/paste your posts, articles and service announcements to Social Media? And what about adding and uploading the pictures over and over again? And mistakes? Incorrect pictures added to wrong text sounds uncomfortably familiar right? Not any more. 

With Multiple Portal Publisher all you need to do is to provide correct tokens to defined portals. And voila! You can publish your data directly to all your Social Media channels. Your portal has a Facebook Page and the announcement of your article should appear there to redirect web traffic? Sure thing. It’s just one click to publish it there. You want to publish information about your new products to the company’s LinkedIn profile? Of course. It’s one click away. Everything within one well known admin panel.

Don’t lose your time and money. Don’t force yourself or your employees to make repeatable, but still sensitive operations. If the article was already accepted and published on your web page, it can appear on all your Social Media channels with just one click.