Main Fetaures

Orders and Payments

Online shopping and booking system with sophisticated payment support.

Is your business specific enough to operate in many markets with many custom business rules? Are you obliged by law to run specific payment system and integrate with dedicated third party suppliers? And reporting? Do you need to deliver financial reports according to different business regulations in different countries?

We know operating in such an environment can be very difficult and we want to give you a hand. With Multiple Portal Publisher you can publish your offers to many different portals and web sites in different countries. You can customise business rules according to every single web page or publication channel. You can set up different payment providers, different currencies and even different reporting rules if your business requires it. 

Prepare your offer once, set up and customise business rules to be applied to all of your channels and let your customers order/buy/book and finally pay in the way it is required. With Multiple Portal Publisher you can do it very easy  - with one click!