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Customer-per-channel subscriptions to notification services.

There are at least two kinds of people - those who clear their notification badges immediately and those who collect them to the highest possible number. Either or are your customers you must be aware of the most important thing - reaching them with your app notification is the easiest, fastest, cheapest and most efficient way.

With Multiple Portal Publisher you can cut your offer to the measure of certain customer or a group of customers and send the very specific information to the people most interested in it. The information will reach them immediately (for nova-days we all have our mobiles at hand) and will bring their immediate attention. 

Your yoga class attendant just cancelled today‚Äôs booking and you have one place free in one hour? Inform all the people from your area they can book it with one click. Your  special deal is running short and you are left with just a couple of items available - let your most valuable customers know about it. They will be grateful you keep them in mind for such a great opportunity.

Organise your customers into groups dedicated to your publication channels and stay in touch with them with just one click!