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Fully customisable template based email newsletters.

How much spam messages do you receive? Are your emails all personalised and is their content precisely selected? Are your messages expected by your customers and subscribers or maybe you are sending thousands of identical emails making receivers more and more annoyed? 

With Multiple Portal Publisher you can set up your email campaigns with one click. Divide your customers into targeted groups. Chose HTML5-based newsletter template which is corresponding with your web portal design. Add products, posts or anything else you need from all already published data or let the Newsletter module do it automatically for you. And finally - send them with one click.

Each of your newsletters will look like a personalised email sent individually to each of your recipients. You can address every single customer directly with her or his forename making each of them feel like the message was written just for them. And keeping the spam filters down too.

Finally you will receive precise information if your newsletter campaign was successful or not. By checking newsletter statistics you will get to know how many people opened your message, how many of them clicked on the links and how many were redirected to your  web portal. This answers are necessary to be able to target your newsletter campaigns more precisely and save your time and money improving the financial results.