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Multiple Portals

Share data between many portals and satelite sites with one admin panel.

There are many free, open-source CMSs (Content Management Systems) out there. Why to bother? Because they all have one very important issue. All of them offer you one portal per one admin panel. 

Ever dreamed about publishing the same article in a slightly different version with one-click to all the required web portals? Did you already realise how much time and money you loose by copy-pasting the same story to different sites? We bet you did.

Multiple Portal Publisher offers you this brilliant time-and-money-saving opportunity to manage all your texts and portals within one admin panel. Do you want to redirect the traffic from your Social Media and your satellite pages to your main web page without copying the content? It’s possible now. 

First define as many portals and web pages as you need within only one admin panel. All of them with totally different addresses, graphics design and purpose. Then create an article, announcement or story and publish it with one-click-only to all your previously defined pages and connected Social Media. The article will appear on your pages with different graphics design, different number of photos and even different content length if needed.

Publish your work like “fire-and-forget”. One click and the system will take care of all the publication process for you!