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Mobile Publishing

Your portal data with dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Do you know that making your web portal readable and accessible from mobile devices by making it screen-size responsive is still not enough? Why? Because in nova-day marketing and business reality, by making such a decision, you are closing your business to very important customer-relations area. 

What do you gain by having dedicated mobile applications? 
First of all you gain your own icon on the screen of your customer’s mobile phones and tablets. This simple icon makes your data and services accessible to your customers with just one click. The customer is watching your logotype each time while using the device and is getting more and more familiar with your company. 

You gain the possibility to customise your offer especially for your customers. Now your offer can be based on her or his preferences, expectations and limitations. It will fit much better and deliver less random information within a short quant of time when your application has the customer's attention.

Another thing is permanent contact with your customers. If only they agree to receive them, you can send to your customers reminders and notifications, special offers, best deals or other informations about your company, products and services. About your data.

For Multiple Portal Publisher mobile application is just another publication channel which can be tuned and managed the very same way as another web page or Social Media channel. And there is one more thing. You do not need to limit your portal to just one Mobile App. You can connect as many as you want depending on your business needs and still manage them all from the same administration panel.