Main Fetaures

Business Logic

Custom business logic and data model for your publishing channels.

Ever tried to do this 'very simple custom feature' which should be available from scratch with your CMS of choice, but unfortunately it wasn’t there? Was it easy to do? Or maybe was it very complicated and required some extremely unintuitive approach and patch applied over another hardcoded patch? But you really needed it right? It was essential for your project.

You do not need to accept such solutions anymore. With Multiple Portal Publisher you can provide your own functionalities as modules and plugins. You can use all the Core MPP functions and features and then provide your own pieces of code to support  necessary custom business logic.

Some sophisticated API? It’s as easy as that. New interface for third party artificial intelligence module? There we go. 

You do not need to make compromises between the quality of your solution and ‘available custom fields’ any more. With Multiple Portal Publisher you can define your own business logic rules and implement them - with one click!